The Big Crafty is a great inspiration to makers of all varieties. The event itself exudes a fantastic D.I.Y. energy; an “anything is possible” feeling. It is very empowering for the community!

It has always been a wonderful fundraiser for my art studio as well as an opportunity to meet my supporters.

Julie Armbruster


I believe that the big crafty serves as a direct way for artists and crafters to connect with people, to help us gain confidence in ourselves as artists, and allow us to succeed as small businesses. I think it enriches the arts in Asheville and is making local an option for people in our city.

I think the marketing is great and this helps our sales numbers. I don’t have an open studio and it serves to connect me to the public. It has helped me get my name out as well as allowed me access to other shows locally and out of state. It also has connected me to the arts community, which has been awesome.

I love it and am happy it exists 🙂

Holdfast Printworks



The Big Crafty is our favorite show to do. The crafters are so unique and the crowd is a lot of fun. The show is always a success!

Lapella Pottery


I love the Big Crafty. It’s a wonderful place to participate as a vendor as well as discover incredibly inventive creative people.

Annie Singletary


Through my participation in the Big Crafty I feel like I’m not just showing and selling my creativity, I’m participating in something that is cutting edge and has the potential to change the old established way of presenting artwork to the public and thus the way creativity happens. It changes what gets created and acknowledged as creative and worthwhile. The old established hierarchy and separation between craft and fine art dissolves. Creativity wins. I LOVE that.

Blue Fire MacMahon


I have had nothing but a warm and friendly experience each time I have participated in The Big Crafty. Not only a great return on investment for a one day event, The Big Crafty reenforces my belief in my craft by the wonderful feedback I get from the Asheville people.

Smiling Rock Box Shop


I feel like The Big Crafty fills a niche that isn’t met in other venues in our area. The Big Crafty draws an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd. This sort of attentiveness makes earning a living selling handcrafted items so much more enjoyable.

Sweet Mess Art
Seed and Sky


TBC is important to me as a maker because it serves as a hub or home base for the Asheville crafters. It’s an event we all look forward to twice a year because it brings out an awesome crowd of vendors and shoppers! It had definitely gotten my name and face out there which has been fantastic for business.

Katie Wilmore


i think the big crafty has definitely helped me brand myself and become a recognizable vendor in the community. the consistency of crowd turnout event after event helps me feel that participation is risk-free and being selected to participate is nothing short of a honor, given the amazing variety of crafts represented.

arts alive


Asheville is all about DIY self-expression, and so is the Big Crafty. There’s no other major show or event here that showcases small art/craft businesses so successfully. The Big Crafty gives us a voice and a platform for promoting our work, as well as creating the opportunity for us to make a living doing our thing.



The Big Crafty contributes to the Asheville art community on so many different levels. It provides a wonderful showcase for many local artists who may not otherwise have the connections and/or finances to gain the level of exposure they receive by participating in the festival. It brings the entire community together and raises awareness about the importance of not only supporting the arts, but of buying locally.

The Big Crafty has made a tremendous impact on my business through the exposure I’ve gotten. Although I have my work in several galleries, The Big Crafty provides an environment where I can show my work to a large number of people in a short amount of time. Since I’ve been participating, I’ve had my work discussed on the blogs and personal websites of people that otherwise would have never seen/purchased my work. I’ve found that people from far and wide come to The Big Crafty….it’s no longer just drawing local customers, which is good for all the vendors. I’ve gained many long term, die hard customers/collectors through the Big Crafty.

This show is BY FAR my favorite to participate in.

Paige Smith Duft