Artist Testimonials

Danielle Odell: “The Big Crafty creates a space where artists find connection, celebration and support.  I believe that because of these events Asheville is a place where artists belong.”


Chris Rhoades: “TBC is a special event and sets itself apart from other shows because of its community feel. It’s a supportive and inclusive experience.”


Sloane Simmons: “The energy is always positive, everyone is super supportive, and it feels like a huge family gathering every time I’ve been – both as a vendor and as a visitor. The Crafty always draws great crowds. Many people have told me they travel to Asheville just to come to the show and support the artists here. I believe it’s the feeling of connection and a genuine love of Asheville and it’s artists that Justin and Brandy have cultivated that draws those people here.”


Ash Sierra: “The Big Crafty was an event I was aware of and loved before relocating to Asheville. I remember being in awe at all the amazing creations small businesses, and more often than not single person run businesses, were making. It was a huge inspiration for me to go off on my own and start my own small business.”


Cara Steinbuchel: “The Big Crafty is the heart of Asheville’s independent craft and art community. It has become a twice yearly occasion we look forward to, like a holiday, for coming together and supporting one another, while being a destination for locals and tourists alike.”


Beth Schaible: “I think [The Big Crafty] helps us feel connected to our community. We spend a lot of time hunkered down in the studio so it’s a needed breath of fresh air to put what we’ve been working on in front of a bigger crowd of people, talk to our friends, see what the art/craft community is up to. We believe the commerce of local, well made, intentionally focused art and craft is really important and it gives us the chance to share that passion with our community.”


Julie Armbruster: “The Big Crafty is a great inspiration to makers of all varieties.  The event itself exudes a fantastic D.I.Y. energy; an “anything is possible” feeling.  It is very empowering for the community!”


Jocelyn Mosser: “The Big Crafty models how to combine personal care and attention with professionalism—this is a huge asset in our arts community (and larger culture) where competition is so often the norm. In this way, The Big Crafty helps set a standard for community-wide growth and development.”


Chris Rhoades: “[The Big Crafty] is the most creative and looked forward to show in asheville. It allows for both well known and just getting started artists to show off their talents. So often art shows feature the same successful vendors each year but the big crafty allows for many of the newer incredibly creative artists to feature their work.”


Ariana Gershman: “The Big Crafty brings to life and highlights what it means to be a maker. Not only does it provide an amazing opportunity for vendors, but it also serves as a nest for helping us fledglings grow with inspiration for crafting and getting our work out there. The Big Crafty feels like a home.”