December 2018 Artists

Abacus Corvus Artwork
Able Jane 
Alex Panessa
Ali Ruby Ceramics 
Amelia Rosenberg Ceramics
Andy Herod
Anja Bartels Porcelain
Anna Johnson Jewelry
Appaloosa Designs Jewelry
Apricity Ceramics 
Art of JD Alewine 
Artisanal Lab 
Asheville Art Museum
Aviate Press 
BLUE HILL Essentials
Campaign for Southern Equality
Cara Mae Skin Care
Carly Owens Embroidery 
Caro Designs
Catawampus Press
chomp textiles
Christina Bendo Pottery 
Clade Design 
Claire Shadomy Illustration
Cockamamie Jewelry
Cotton Blossom Press
Creature’s Virtue
Dancing Sage Apothecary 
Dandelion Metals 
Devyn Vasquez 
Dry Run Woodworks
Emily Jernigan Baskets
Emily Rogstad Jewelry
Empower for Hope / Amahoro Handcrafts 
Essayer Designs
Everyday Oil 
Exquisite Coeur 
EZO Studio Art
Faerie Made
Fair Isle
FEEL handmade 
Golden and Grey 
Green Girl Studios
Greene River Studio 
Greta Pots 
Half Light Honey
Hanging Knots
Hannah Dansie
Hawkbill Leashes
Holden Mesk
HTY Jewelry
In the Rushies
indian summer press
Indigo Bee Co 
Jen Toledo Art
jenni earle 
Jessica Roux Illustration
Joe Engel
Joshua Spiceland
Joyner Avenue
Julia Claire Clay
Julie Armbruster Fine Art
Juno Pottery
justAjar Design Press 
K Witherspoon Collection

Killdeer pottery 

Kuiperly Bag Co 

Kymberly Day 
L.A.H. Sculpture
LaPella Pottery
Laurie Caffery Clay
Level Frames 
Lisa Colby Metalsmith
Little Paper Crane 
Lost cove
Made by Minga 


Maple Moon Designs 
maxx feist art
MDC (Mona Does Concrete)
Megan Lee Studio
Melisa Beth Ceramics
Mike Merritt Artworks
Moon Bath Botanicals
Needles and Pins 
Nich Daunis Pottery 
Nikki Scioscia Studio 
Noelle Miller Art
of June
Of mars
Old American Birdhouse Co 
Old Blood Jewelry & Wears 
Old Hills Design Company
Olivia de Soria Jewelry
Oriskany Glass Studio
Oso Rey Art
Outside Everywhere
Overflow Studios
The Patchwork Underground
Pearlswirl Jewelry 
Pioneer House
Pizza Ships
Practical Peaces
Rabbit’s Path
Ratbee Press
Renee Gaudet Designs
Rheino Ceramics 
Ritual botanica
robin plemmons
Rosesmith Studio
Rusted Earth 
S.Hallmark Leather
Sage and Sunflowers 
Sandra Arnold Jewelry
Sarah Matesz Pottery 
Sawyer Home
Scott Mills Art
Seed & Sky
seven feathers
Shannon Newlin
Shira Forge
Skunk Trunk
Sleepy Little Dreams
Slimepup Press
Smiling Rock Box Shop
So Stoked Pottery
spoon + hook
Stack Woodworks 
State of Shaka
studio hap
Studio Que Sera 
Subject Matter Studio
Sunny Mullarkey Studio
Sydney Williams Pottery
Syd’s Threads
Tara Underwood Pottery
Tater Hill Originals
The Era Press 
The High Fiber
The Inverse
Threet Ceramics
Toybox Theatre 
Trista Hudzik Pottery
Una Barrett Jewelry 
Vesta’s Natural Apothecary
Walker Jewelry 
What is Relax?
While Odin Sleeps


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