December 2018 Artists

 denotes new artists
Abacus Corvus Artwork
Able Jane ☆
Alex Panessa ☆
Ali Ruby Ceramics ☆
Amelia Rosenberg Ceramics
Andy Herod
Anja Bartels Porcelain
Anna Johnson Jewelry
Appaloosa Designs Jewelry
Apricity Ceramics ☆
Art of JD Alewine ☆
Artisanal Lab ☆
Asheville Art Museum
Aviate Press ☆
BLUE HILL Essentials
bones&blooms ☆
Campaign for Southern Equality
Cara Mae Skin Care
Carly Owens Embroidery ☆
Caro Designs
Catawampus Press
chomp textiles
Christina Bendo Pottery ☆
Clade Design ☆
Claire Shadomy Illustration
Cockamamie Jewelry
Cotton Blossom Press
Creature’s Virtue
Dancing Sage Apothecary ☆
Dandelion Metals ☆
Devyn Vasquez ☆
Dry Run Woodworks
Emily Jernigan Baskets
Emily Rogstad Jewelry
Empower for Hope / Amahoro Handcrafts ☆
Essayer Designs
Everyday Oil ☆
Exquisite Coeur ☆
EZO Studio Art
Faerie Made
Fair Isle
FEEL handmade ☆
Golden and Grey ☆
Green Girl Studios
Greene River Studio ☆
Greta Pots ☆
Half Light Honey
Hanging Knots
Hannah Dansie
Hawkbill Leashes
Holden Mesk
HTY Jewelry
In the Rushies
indian summer press
Indigo Bee Co ☆
inkyen ☆
Jen Toledo Art
jenni earle ☆
jenny pickens ☆
Jessica Roux Illustration
Joe Engel
Joshua Spiceland
Joyner Avenue
Julia Claire Clay
Julie Armbruster Fine Art
Juno Pottery
justAjar Design Press ☆
K Witherspoon Collection
Killdeer pottery ☆

Kuiperly Bag Co ☆

Kymberly Day ☆
L.A.H. Sculpture
LaPella Pottery
Laurie Caffery Clay
Level Frames ☆
Lisa Colby Metalsmith
Little Paper Crane ☆
Lost cove
Made by Minga ☆
Maple Moon Designs ☆
maxx feist art
MDC (Mona Does Concrete)
Megan Lee Studio
Megan-Ilene ☆
Melisa Beth Ceramics
Mike Merritt Artworks
Moon Bath Botanicals
Needles and Pins ☆
Nich Daunis Pottery ☆
Nikki Scioscia Studio ☆
Noelle Miller Art
Obermetalworks ☆
of June
Of mars
Old American Birdhouse Co ☆
Old Blood Jewelry & Wears ☆
Old Hills Design Company
Olivia de Soria Jewelry
Oriskany Glass Studio
Oso Rey Art
Outside Everywhere
Overflow Studios
Pearlswirl Jewelry ☆
Pioneer House
Pizza Ships
Practical Peaces
Rabbit’s Path
Ratbee Press
Renee Gaudet Designs
Rheino Ceramics ☆
Ritual botanica
robin plemmons
Rosesmith Studio
Rusted Earth ☆
S.Hallmark Leather
Sage and Sunflowers ☆
Sandra Arnold Jewelry
Sarah Matesz Pottery ☆
Sawyer Home
Scott Mills Art
Seed & Sky
seven feathers
Shannon Newlin
Shira Forge
Skunk Trunk
Sleepy Little Dreams
Slimepup Press
Smiling Rock Box Shop
So Stoked Pottery
spoon + hook
Stack Woodworks ☆
Star House 
State of Shaka
studio hap
Studio Que Sera ☆
Subject Matter Studio
Sunny Mullarkey Studio
Sydney Williams Pottery
Syd’s Threads
Tara Underwood Pottery
Tater Hill Originals
The Era Press ☆
The High Fiber
The Inverse
Threet Ceramics
Toybox Theatre ☆
Trista Hudzik Pottery
UltraLitSB ☆
Una Barrett Jewelry ☆
Vesta’s Natural Apothecary
Walker Jewelry ☆
What is Relax?
While Odin Sleeps
Woolly Press


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